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We use NCR hardware and CounterPoint software to provide a fully integrated Canadian point of sale solution, with front-end and accounting back-office applications tailored to your business.

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 CounterPoint Canadian POS Applications

CounterPoint is a next-generation POS application.  CounterPoint offers many front- and back-office tools to help retail, wholesale, and e-commerce businesses run efficiently and profitably.

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Point of Sale provides fully integrated cash register functions on a computer workstation.  It also gives you a full complement of management controls and reports to help you operate your business profitably and securely.  Our Canadian POS solution works well in a variety of retail, wholesale, and mail-order environments.  Users can choose from Regular or Touchscreen Ticket Entry.

NCR Point-of-Sale Hardware

NCR provides innovative point-of-sale hardware for the retail industries. POS systems used in these industries must withstand high transaction volume, continuous operation, and contaminants such as food, grease, and dirt.
NCR's approach to POS hardware is simple: focused innovation for "Non-Stop Sales Reliability" in the harshest retail environments.

Ten years ago, NCR introduced solid-state touch screen POS terminals to the convenience store industry and today leads both the convenience store and cinema markets in deployment of solid-state touch screen POS systems. We continue to drive Non-Stop Sales Reliability with key innovations.

NCR P1220 Cash/Touch Screen


NCR Point-of-Sale Products

P1500 Series Point-of-Sale
NCR's most advanced POS terminal, featuring a high-bright 15" touch screen, the latest Intel technology, and innovative cable management - all at an affordable cost.

NCR P1220 Point-of-Sale
The latest and lowest priced addition to NCR's line of retail-hardened POS terminals is an ideal solution for restaurants and other foodservice operations, including concession operations within an entertainment venue. It features a 12.1" touch screen, open, PC-based technology, and an integrated magnetic stripe reader in a compact, all-above-the-counter design.

NCR Order Confirmation Display
The display provides your customers with line-by-line detail of their entire order as it is being entered and dynamically highlights product promotions and up-sells at the POS.

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