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 Canadian Point of Sale Solutions: Support   1-800-668-4668

We know that the quality of support you can expect is a key factor in your new POS purchasing decision. At Rockwood we take this seriously. We know your business depends on the smooth running of your cash terminals. NCR Field Services form a key component of our total support service.





Support Program:

We provide flexible phone/internet support programs. Depending on what your business requires we can have a standard weekday support program or a full week support program. With these packages you can phone or e-mail us for help or questions anytime you need it.

"Swap-Out" Program

Under NCR's swap-out program we can ship you replacement  hardware the same day. You can choose between on-site support by a qualified technician, or phone support, which works fine for most replacement situations.

Support Features:

Toll-free telephone hotline

  • Several levels of support available from business day 9AM - 5PM, to extended coverage.
  • Optional phone support directly from NCR / Counterpoint

Online Support

  • Customers receive High Speed internet (or modem dial-up) support online
  • A variety of online communications software such as VNC, Remote Desktop, PC Anywhere and many more.

Onsite support

  • On-site support options for NCR POS hardware to troubleshoot any problems you might encounter.



Email Us for more information, or call 800-668-4668 


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