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Rockwood Software is a full service software provider. That means we install, set-up, train, and support  (by phone and Internet)  our customers all over Canada. We provide a full range of services to make sure your Point of Sale system is installed correctly with minimum disruption to your ongoing business.

Our Services:










We offer initial on-site set-up of the software and hardware (if included).


Our training can be provided in two ways, on-site or using on-line. The on-line training is a combination of computer and telephone training.


Custom Programming:

We provide customization for all of the software products we carry. We have professional senior programmers that can design what you need and program, test it, and put it into live production. We do charge per the hour for customization work and would be happy to provide any quotes needed.


System Upgrades:

Another advantage allows Rockwood to upgrade your software to the newest version at least once a year. This is very important because it assures your on-going value in the software and its supportability if anything goes wrong, i.e. computer problems, acts of God, etc.

Both of our software suppliers have subscription services that are maintained annually as well. Annual support programs keep you in good standing ensuring your initial investment in your “mission critical” software.

Email Us for more information, or call 800-668-4668 


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