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Ecommerce capabilities are provided in CounterPoint for compatibility with CounterPoint Online (CPOnline), a Web-hosting and ecommerce service designed especially for CounterPoint users.


CPOnline is a monthly service that is suitable for merchants of all sizes.  With CPOnline, you can publish your inventory information to your online store, electronically uploading item numbers, descriptions, prices, and quantity available.  Online shoppers can place orders, which are transmitted electronically to your CounterPoint system for fulfillment.



CPOnline is a unique and unparalleled ecommerce solution that lets you use CounterPoint to activate an online store with minimal effort and cost.  Your online store stays in sync with CounterPoint so that your product and pricing information is always correct.


Customer orders are delivered to you electronically.  You can import your online orders into CounterPoint for fulfillment using Point of Sale or Order Entry.  Order Entry provides full updating so that your shoppers can view their order status on your CPOnline website.


CounterPoint Online

CounterPoint Online (CPOnline) is an ecommerce and Web-hosting service designed especially for CounterPoint merchants.

 Publish inventory information and pricing to an online store with a minimum of effort and expense.  Then, you can process and fulfill orders received online through the CounterPoint system.  CPOnline always keeps your inventory in sync.

CPOnline includes a range of capabilities, including:

Website hosting:

  • Shopping Cart

  • Automatic upload of CounterPoint inventory and customer information to your online store

  • Real-time, online credit card authorizations through CPGateway

  • Automatic email notification to shoppers when orders are received and/or shipped

  • Secure, electronic importing into CounterPoint Point of Sale and Order Entry

  • Collection of customer information from the online store for importing into CounterPoint

You can select a user-configurable template for presenting your online store and its merchandise, or develop a customized template, using your own designers or Synchronics’ design staff (on a fee basis).

If you already have a website hosted elsewhere, you can simply include a link to your online store.




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