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 Counterpoint Credit & Debit Card Processing


Counterpoint SQL version 8 provides electronic draft capture (EDC) capabilities by allowing you to swipe a credit card through a magnetic stripe reader, automatically authorize a credit card sale, verify an address, and settle funds to your bank. Electronic check authorization, EBT, and debit card processing are also provided.

With the Enterprise edition, you can also electronically capture the customerís signature.

Debit processing is done through a standard debit terminal connected to the Moneris Interac system.


The benefits of integrated credit card processing include:

  • Rapid, automatic charge authorizations

  • Faster checkout times

  • Reduced customer frustration

  • Fewer errors and fewer chargebacks

  • Reduced cost of accepting credit cards

  • No hand-recording of card information

  • No paper slips to deposit at the bank

  • No rekeying of card information

  • No separate credit card terminal


Transactions may be authorized using a standard dialup telephone line. Two-second Internet authorizations are available using the optional  Gateway service

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