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Rockwood has several well-established accounting software solutions for your business:


Passport Accounting Software


Offers the products to help you save time and increase efficiency by automatically tracking the movement of money and products into and out of your business.  Information about your customers, suppliers, employees, inventory and other vital data is organized in the system, eliminating endless searches for important documents.

This fast access to information will greatly assist in your daily management and financial planning needs.  Passport Business Solutions products offer an effective profit-measurement tool, providing the information needed to make critical business decisions in a timely manner. 

Since 1983, Passport Software, Inc. has led the field in providing superior accounting and business software solutions for customers who are serious about their accounting applications.  Built upon RealWorld Classic accounting software, the Passport Business Solutions product has many new enhancements and features while maintaining the stability and strong audit trail capabilities expected in the accounting industry. 

With thousands of installations of Passport Business Solutions worldwide, Passport has both the in-house expertise and a national network of highly qualified accounting professionals and systems integrators who assist in making your company more productive and more profitable.





The Basic Accounting Option adds Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Check Reconciliation to your CounterPoint system.  Basic Accounting is designed to meet the entry-level accounting requirements of a small business.


  • Basic Accounting is fully integrated with your existing CounterPoint system to give you better control over your business: 

  • Issue Accounts Payable checks to the same vendors you use for Inventory and Purchasing. 

  • Use the same accounts for General Ledger that you use for other CounterPoint functions. 

  • Produce financial statements in General Ledger from the distributions created by other CounterPoint functions. 

  • Define bank accounts to report information from Accounts Payable checks, bank deposits, and Check Reconciliation entries. 


Basic Accounting does not require you to run any month-end or year-end processes.  You can optionally restrict transactions that are outside of the current year. 

Accounts Payable

Use Accounts Payable to record invoices (create new payables) and track monies owned to your vendors.  You can subsequently process payments and issue computer-generated checks to pay those invoices.  You may also record payments made using manually issued checks and/or credit cards. 

General Ledger

Use General Ledger to define your chart of accounts and classify accounts for financial reporting purposes. 

Distributions from CounterPoint functions are easily interfaced to create journal entries.  You may also enter journal entries manually or import transactions from an external file. 

You can view and report detailed General Ledger activity for current and prior years, or view monthly summaries.

Check Reconciliation

Check Reconciliation accepts and reports checkbook activity from Accounts Payable and deposit detail from CounterPoint’s Payment History / Deposits History.  You can also use Check Reconciliation to manually record deposits or other checking account activity, such as withdrawals, service charges, interest, adjustments, or transfers.




Canadian Payroll

Monitor Payroll Expenses

Rockwood’s payroll helps you maintain employee payroll information, calculate taxes, handle voluntary deductions, and print payroll checks. 

We also provide automatic MC Tax Table Updates.

You can eliminate tedious manual payroll calculations and save time gathering and preparing quarterly tax information.  Payroll is one of the major expenses of a business.  With this package, you can analyze payroll expenses for individuals or departments and ensure that vacation and sick pay are properly monitored. 


Some of the many features of Payroll include:

  • Employee data can be easily entered, edited and printed.

  • Hourly and salary employees and a variety of pay frequencies are handled.

  • An unlimited number of cash accounts can be used to process payroll checks. Employees can be set up so that a group of employees can be paid from a specific cash account.

  • Direct deposit of net pay is allowed for specified employees.

  • Vacation and sick hours can be tracked and accrued automatically.

  • Time transactions can be easily entered and edited, and an edit list can be printed.

  • A variety of deductions and earnings can be defined, including multiple job functions.

  • Workers' compensation is handled.

  • Payroll is automatically calculated, reducing the time needed to figure taxes and check amounts.

  • Payroll checks to 9 million can be printed.

  • Social Security/Medicare tracking and reporting requirements are handled.

  • A Year-end Payroll report, and T4 Forms & T4 Summary can be printed. Magnetic media requirements are also handled.

  • Payroll can be processed for the new year prior to printing, without closing the prior year.

  • Numerous reports such as Payroll History, Union Deductions and Non-Employee Compensation can be printed.

Rockwood’s payroll helps reduce the time you spend preparing the payroll. You define how you want the software to calculate taxes. Federal, provincial withholding tax tables can be easily entered and edited. You can enter as many provincial and federal tax codes as needed.   

You can print an Attendance Worksheet to help organize and prepare your payroll information.

You can enter employee time information, or automatically generate standard payroll entries which can be edited if needed.  Standard Payroll entries eliminate entering the same information each time you process payroll.

Payroll Calculation : 

Payroll can be calculated after all information has been entered.  Daily, weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly and quarterly pay frequencies can be processed to suit your business needs.


Payroll Reports: 

  • Adjustments Edit List

  • Adjustment Register

  • Attendance Worksheet

  • Checks

  • Check Register

  • Data Integrity

  • Deductions/Earnings List

  • Deductions/Earnings

  • Direct Deposit Register

  • Distribution to General Ledger

  • Employee Change Log

  • Employees by Employee Number

  • Employees by Employee Name

  • Employer Payroll Expense

  • Meals Expense

  • Multi-company List

  • Non-employee Compensation

  • Payroll History

  • Payroll Register           


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Accounting Solutions

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