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Whether you run a single location business or manage many stores in multiple locations, Rockwood has a Canadian Point of Sale business solution for you.

We have been providing retail point of sale solutions to our customers across Canada since 1990. We are well acquainted with what it takes to help you run a successful retail business:-


   *  Proven technology & software

   *  Competitive pricing

   *  Outstanding support

We provide “mission critical” software applications like point-of-sale, inventory control and general accounting software to our customers. Our two main product lines are NCR System’s Point-of-sale software and Passport Accounting Software. These are all tailored to meet POS Canada requirements.

The latest version of Counterpoint (SQL Version 8)  includes a fully integrated debit/credit card processing function.


Our Canadian POS Solutions

We use NCR point of sale terminals and CounterPoint software to provide your business with a fully integrated solution that is tailored to your specific industry. With successful POS installations across many different retail types, Rockwood has the experience you can rely on for all your retail operations.

Featuring touch-screen technology these systems are intuitive and easy to use. Minimum training is required to get your staff proficient with your new system.


Our Canadian POS Services:
Rockwood provides all the services you need to make your new point of sale installation a success. We offer:


  • Full installation guidance and training.

  • Toll Free support hotline ensures you will have guaranteed help should you have a question or a problem.

  • Customized programming for your business is available if required.

We also provide remote update services via the Internet to keep your system up-to date and running at top performance. See our Support Page for more details.



Email Us for more information, or call 800-668-4668 



Accounting Solutions

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